is UP!

I just put the first version of on the web.  This is just the first iteration of and since the whole reason for the website is to support my games, and I only have one game, and that game is not as of yet available, the site may seem a bit austere.  You can however download the Grave Robber (the first Retropute game) manual and get a feel for what the game has to offer. I also put a couple links to my favorite C64 sites, because I’m a big time C64 fan.  I will add a lot more links to other 8bit inspired sites, not all of them specific to the C64.  Speaking of the C64, I designed the homepage of to resemble good old Quatumlink, that would later be known as AOL. Although I had a C64 as a tween and teen, and Quatumlink was available, I could not convince my parents to spring for a modem and would likely not have been able to afford to actually do anything online anyhow.  A friend of mine at the time, who did have a modem, managed to download a great many pirated games off of bulletin board systems (bbs) and we enjoyed killer games like Tracy Lords Strip Poker, and Captain Blood until his parents got a 900+ dollar phone bill, and shut that fun down for good.  That was around 1988, and only six years later I had a Macintosh 520c with an external 14.4 modem and was able to join an internet service provider called Netcom for about $20 a month for unlimited access.  It was a text only account and I had to use a VT100 terminal emulator to access the internet, but I was in hog heaven anyhow.  It’s so amazingly different today with iPhones, wifi, streaming movies, and all kinds of other crap that I wanted to create something on the super simple side as a tribute or time machine or whatever you want to call it that would serve as a portal back to what I consider the good old days.  It’s not that I don’t love the incredible technology we have now, but it’s just that I still remember this feeling I would get looking at a black screen with colored text and simple 8 bit graphics. It was a feeling of wonder, excitement, and possibility that I just don’t get with today’s technology.  I think it’s because the technology of today leaves nothing to the imagination.  In some of my favorite games I was a stick figure in a world with stick figure monsters and my imagination filled in the gaps.  My imagination is way more vivid than even the best graphics today, Anyhow, here’s a picture of the homepage.  Check out the site if you get a chance.



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