Grave Robber finally finished… almost.

In my first blog I stated:

“If I get my first game on the Apple app store by September I count myself a success and open a bottle of five dollar sparkling wine with my fiancé.”

and in the typical style of someone who is way too busy doing all kinds of crap including full time school I wasn’t able to make my September “success deadline”.  So I guess in my mind I’m not successful, although I don’t feel all that bad about it.  It’s November now and I have pretty much finished Grave Robber.  The problem with making games, or anything creative for that matter, is that you can always add another feature, improve existing features, or just tweak things to death.  I ended up spending a good two months in tweak mode, but I have to say I think I was able to improve the game quite a bit. I also finished a PDF manual that I made not only to give instruction to Grave Robber players, but also as a tribute to the type of manuals games don’t come with anymore.   I want my Retropute games to be as close to the old days as possible, and I want that to include an 80’s style manual. As a kid I believe I was more connected to my games because they were a complete package that included cartridge or disk, manual and sometimes maps or other trinkets. Video games and music albums today have lost a lot of their personality because they are completely virtual. At this point I can’t include a cartridge and physical manual (although I do plan to offer that stuff in the future), but I think the pdf file will go a long way in improving the overall feel and retro-experience of Grave Robber.  I Can’t wait to share my game with other people! Let’s see if I can get this thing up on the store before Christmas.



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